Two by two

Typewriter key earrings. J. Crew shirt. Anthro dress. J. Crew tights. Sock dreams socks. Frye boots.

Day Two! Two by two, hands of blue.

Okay, watch me work a segue out of that Firefly quote. Ready? Man, it was so cold today my hands were blue!

Yikes. No worries, I wore a coat. But who wants to see a picture of that? Also, for some odd reason I was sweating buckets. Does anyone else sweat a ton when it’s freezing outside? It’s so weird.

Also, my shirt is totally the same color as my tights . Not to go Psycho Matchy McMatcherson on you or anything, I just wanted you to know. I liked this outfit okay. I think it would’ve looked better if the shirt were a turtleneck. And I’m not even into turtlenecks, but it just seems right.

Did everyone have a happy Groundhog Day? I’m not quite sure what a happy Groundhog Day entails, maybe not being stuck in a temporal loop? Happy linear time day.

P.S.I had that damn Pennsylvania polka song stuck in my head all day.



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2 responses to “Two by two

  1. Elle

    hahahah omg you’re too funny. i was dying while i read this. also, i LOVE the summery dress remixed into a winter outfit. people always say that it’s possible, but you make it work!

  2. I’m Jenny. I’m 4 foot negative 7 and I think I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! PFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT!

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