It’s a plaid world

Good old Number Two.

Fossil cardigan. Urban Outfitters shirt. Vintage skirt. HUE tights. Nicole MJs.

Hand in hair = Cool pose! Just go with it.

I wore this a couple of days ago. I’m wishing I had paired it with my brown belt and brogues, but next time, yes?

So what’s new and exciting? Weeeeeeell, in February the boys and I are finally going to Montreal to visit my sister Bethany and her family! So. happy.

Here’s a picture of Montreal:

I have no idea what the hell that is, but it came up in my Montreal google search.

Here’s a picture of of Montreal:

Those military jackets are THE HOTNESS.

I have never listened to their music, but that segue was essential to this post. Apparently they’re from Georgia? Who cares, their name totally SET MY JOKE ON FIRE!

So. Things I’m going to do in Montreal: smother my sister and nephew with sloppy kisses. My brother in law will receive the most masculine hug I can muster up. Bethany and I will probably do the running man at some point, and our boys will spin in perfect circles around us. Andy and Josh will murmur “How’s it going man?” and will be extremely dignified. Then we’ll make snow angels and visit really large churches. At some point we’ll eat cheese curds and speak bad French. Skip into Yellow, skip out with (20 dollar) shoes.

AND THEN. Two weeks after we get back I’ll be headed to New Orleans for work. I KNOW. I’ll be going with colleagues, but I’ll have my own hotel room and I feel so nervous because it’s the first trip I’ve made to a foreign city without family nearby. BUT I’m crazy excited, because I’ve always wanted to visit Gambit‘s birthplace.

Things I’m going to do in New Orleans: Say Nawlins a lot. Eat things that end in -umbo and -balaya. Speak bad French. Walk slack jawed around The FRENCH QUARTER. Oh, and I should probably attend the conference too.

And now…I’m off as my kids are currently trying to climb me. Toods!



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7 responses to “It’s a plaid world

  1. First of all, that itinerary matches mine EXACTLY. And as always, you are hilarious good fun. HaZAH! ::skips off to wait a month at the airport::

  2. That was wicked fun, and I am WELL impressed! You are a silly-willy-nilly.

  3. Oh I love Montreal. And my fella loves Of Montreal. So it’s a win-win of post.
    I went to New Orleans once (pre-Katrina). I would be interested to see it now.
    Have I mentioned before that you wear plaid so well? You do.

    The Auspicious Life

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