A wrinkle in time

Target beanie. Fossil Cardigan. Old Navy shirt. Thrifted (Ladybird’s General Store) skirt. HUE tights. Sock Dreams socks. Frye boots.

An outfit from a couple of days ago. My new skirt shall herewith and forevermore be called Rip Van Wrinkle. Lovingly! Lovingly. True story: I picked it up from the cleaners, paid as the woman who worked there prattled on about how they had to painstakingly iron each and every pleat with care, took it home maintaining the pleat perfection, etc. Rubbed my hands in anticipation before I took it off the hanger. I put it on. Moved an inch. And then? PLEAT OBLITERATION.  NOOOOOOOO.

Still love it though. Maybe next time I’ll pull the outfit together with a belt or something?


I’ve been dreaming of the perfect coat lately, what with the freezing rain and bone chilling breezes that have graced Portland the last couple of days. It would have a full skirt, longer in the back. A hood. The slightest puffed sleeves. Something like a princess/dress/frock coat. Here are some awesome ones that I’ve found online so far:

ASOS Premium Dip Back Coat

Topshop Princess Coat

Topshop Heritage Dress Coat


And of course my favorite (*waves at Heritage Dress coat*) would be an INSANE amount of money. ARGH.



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8 responses to “A wrinkle in time

  1. Want the ASOS coat. Need a new black brocade trench…Come to me.

  2. That yellow skirt is just what I needed to see on a dark day. You provided the sun Portland couldn’t!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Your outfit is so cute! The skirt is such an awesome color and the pleats are fun (even with them a little messed up). I’m terrible at keeping things nice and perfect–I would feel so bad about messing up the pleats!

  4. First picture is par.fection. Also, we’re taking jump pictures for you. (Mumzy’s idea.) And I saw a girl in the subway wearing a jacket like that but not longer in the back just a redonkulously beautimous full jacket over a full skirt.
    Don’t worry. I hit her.

  5. I love the way you styled this uber-yellow skirt! You have such a knack for color. Hope all your coat dreams come true 🙂

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