Clothes? Nah, Jeff Bridges ramblefest

Beanie: Target. Cardigan: Gap. Skirts: Fossil. Tights: Sock Dreams. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Fur Collar: Ebay.

I almost got rid of this cardigan, it’s been sitting in our Goodwill pile for ages. The other day I spied it and thought it looked cute again. And behold, it IS cute again! Truly, was it ever NOT cute? That will remain a mystery, my friends. Anyway, then I grabbed the entire pile, eager to see if  I had made any other rash judgments. Sadly, no. So long striped skirt with the odd pleat puff thing in the front! Farewell boxy plaid skirt that hangs on my hips! Auf Weidersehen floral skirt that makes me look like I have no shape at all! Alas, I cannot turn ALL my trash into treasure.

I really should drop that stuff off at Goodwill tout de suite.


Andy and I saw Tron: Legacy last week (a date! a date!), which was a whole lot of MEH but the soundtrack was THE HOTNESS. Oh, and Jeff Bridges? Something something Henry Higgins something elocution lessons something buttload of marbles … I’m too lazy to form a witty joke but you get the general idea, right? Seriously, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, MAN? Oh, Jeff. *clips chin* Don’t ever change. I love you just the way you are and I really really want to see True Grit.

Jeff Bridges, do you know that I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski? *ducks* That’s right. Mostly because every dude that I knew in college with Bob Marley and Sublime posters on their walls swore it was the Best Thing Ever and I was like, oooh but have you ever seen Starman?

I mean you no harm Jenny Hayden.

And I’d tell them what it was about and they’d say, “Cool!” when I mentioned aliens and then their eyes would glaze over when I got to the silly details like adorable head cocking and apple pie eating and falling in love. You know, the stuff that KILLS me. The stuff that I watch over and over again.

Of course I also loved the original Tron. Fearless was wonderful. White Squall was terrible but the eye candy made up for it. The Fabulous Baker Boys will forever be seared into my brain because I remember my older sister whispering to me the details of the sex scene: “And then…OH MY GOD, AND THEN he slid his hands into her dress and CUPPED HER BREASTS!” The Mirror Has Two Faces was sweet but, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the ending was a little embarrassing with the dipping and swooning and knee buckling and kissing. I watched it through finger slits but I’m probably going to buy it at some point. The Barbra and Jeff combo can’t be denied. Where was I? Right. You scared the EVERLOVING CRAP out of me in The Vanishing. But, no matter: I washed out my eyes with a couple of rounds of Starman, to remind myself that Jeff Bridges does not only kill, he also resurrects!

I took a film class in college and you can imagine how excited I got when I found out that you were one of the actors/directors/producers that would be interviewed. SO EXCITED. Of course you ended up talking about TBL for like, the entire time, but whatever. Massive rounds of applause and all that every time “The Dude” was uttered. Le sigh. I held out for 13 years, but you know what? FINE.

I guess I’ll have to watch the friggin’ movie already.



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6 responses to “Clothes? Nah, Jeff Bridges ramblefest

  1. How could that cardigan ever not be cute? It looks great styled with this outfit. Love the skirt!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. Oh. my. GAH. I laughed so much during this post. WITH YOU on Mirror has Two Faces, WITH YOU on Tron mumble jumble. You and your outfit are just too cute sometimes!

    • Jen

      😀 Dude, Mental Five! Re: TMHTF, Didn’t it kind of feel like you were watching your parents make out?! Like, Awwww….stop! No, seriously. STOP.

  3. It’s great when you rediscover your old clothes and it’s still cute! I loved the original Tron…and the new one was ok…but the original is always better! =)

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