Quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Because it’s true.

Almost died laughing at:

“No, no, I have, like A LOT to tell you.” O_O

“I gave up clowning YEARS ago!” “Well, in Portland you don’t have to.”

By the beard of ZEUS, this is awesome. I’ll definitely be watching.



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3 responses to “Portlandia!

  1. It is SO true! If the rest of the show is like this, it will be a hit here! I sent my father the video and he loves the part when they say it is where young people go to retire. That was his biggest impression during his visit here in the fall.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Dude. O_O They should add a verse about how Porter and Kresge kids from UC Santa Cruz plan to relocate to Portland to prolong their ridiculousness without fear of criticism.

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