Don’t step on my grey suede shoes

Jacket: Fossil. Shirt: AE. Skirt: Vintage. Tights: HUE. Creeper Sneakers: TUK.

Meet my new creeper sneakers! They’re much cuter in person.

Tangents ahoy! I’m a big fan of rockabilly and psychobilly. Billygoaty is also fun. Heh, kidding. Andy introduced me to the glory of Tiger Army when we first met but it took me a while to  warm up to them. When I finally GOT IT? I fell hard. And I wouldn’t shut up about them.

Me: DUDE. They’re soooo good! Andy: I KNOW. I told you that FOUR YEARS AGO.

So since I was obsessed, Andy and I went to a lot of  Tiger Army shows.

Me: TIGER ARMY IS PLAYING AGAIN, HOMG. Andy: Already seen them twice, I’m good! Me: NEVER. DIE.


One of my favorite songs:

I couldn’t get enough. THE BEST live performances ever. The energy …I can’t even.I mean, I could’ve danced all night and still, STILL have begged for more. What drew me to the shows was obviously the music (Nick’s voice is jamazing) but the outfits that I got to witness were always a close second. The clothes, the hair, the SHOES! So much awesome in one place.

I wish I had some pictures, but you’ll have to take my word for it.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a pair of creepers for a while and I bought these a while back:

but wear them very rarely because they’re a bit too big and make me feel like Frankenstein’s monster.

So I think the sneakers are a happy medium. I love my grey suede shoes to bitsies and they’ve got plaid lining which makes them even cooler. They’re also crazy comfortable.

I scored a pair for Z on Ebay a while back, so I thought I’d take a family photo of sorts.

Is it sad that a picture of shoes makes my heart constrict?

Z’s favorite Tiger Army song, by the way, is “Rose of the Devil’s Garden”.



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4 responses to “Don’t step on my grey suede shoes

  1. lol @ Frankenstein shoes

    I love this outfit!! The jacket is such a great cut and the plaid skirt is so schoolgirl chic. And thanks for the music inspiration, I totally need more variety in my iPod!

  2. Kerrie

    JENNIFER! I have never even called you that before. Today I was deleting some reader subscriptions (no longer need obsessive namings blogs) and I noticed you hadn’t updated in a while so I clicked over here only to see that you update ALL THE TIME! Is the other blog kaput? I thought this was a style blog and I could check in occasionally because you would email me the good stuff anyway. But it’s so much more! *shakes head in disappointment* How dare you expand your skills and interests without consulting me?

    I kid (mainly). The silver lining of abandoning my infant for the dreariness of employment will be keeping up with your apparently exciting life.

    • Jen

      Dear Lord woman, you make me laugh! No, the other blog isn’t kaput, I just haven’t felt like it lately. But I’ll try to update it soon, mostly because Andy keeps nagging me about it. I didn’t think you read this one, I know you’re not a fan of style blogs! I’m going to call you in a bit. Just a heads up.

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