The Bees Knees

Fur collar: Archives Chicago (who I found through the 30 for 30 challenge!). Sweater: Target. Skirt: Anthropologie. Thigh Highs: Hansel from Basel. Wellies: Tretorn.

Turns out I’m one step closer to my dream of being Nacho Libre.

Seriously though, I never saw that movie. Didn’t seem worth it. Now I might, if only for a glimpse of those awesome tights!

These socks (I also have them in red and white) are the closest I could get to the kneepad tights that I have been lusting after. Because as I’ve mentioned before (with much bitterness), they don’t fit over my thighs. So thigh-highs seemed the logical conclusion. But dude. They never stop trying to roll their way down my legs. In conclusion, I also need sock garters in my life. Knee patches belong on one’s KNEES, not on their ankles! It’s just not right.



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5 responses to “The Bees Knees

  1. Your face is beautiful, your knees are not.

  2. Well Nacho Libre was no Napoleon Dynamite, that’s for sure. But it had its moments. Definitely not as awesome as your tights, or how you paired them with that skirt!!

  3. Those tights are ADORABLE! You are too too cute in this outfit.

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