Now I’m gonna go puke on that couch. Merry Christmas.

Bomber hat: Andy and Bax. Jacket and cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: AE. Skirt: J. Crew. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Doc Martens.

During the 30 for 30 I kept wishing I had included this shirt just so I could pair it with this skirt. I really think the combo is the elephant’s instep for some reason.

Andy and I let the boys open a gift tonight and we’ll continue that way until Christmas so as to not completely fry their brains. Did I mention that they’ve got crazy piles waiting for them? I’m more excited than they are, tonight I practically begged Andy to let them open another one and he gently told me No. Boooo. In other news: I’ve been trying not to OD on cherry candy canes and chocolate, I am using the holidays as an excuse to eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m worried about cavities, naturally, but not enough to stop. Speaking of which, I never had a cavity until my early twenties and now it’s like I look at a piece of candy and I need to get a filling. What’s the deal with THAT? I might have stolen that second to last line from Jim Gaffigan. Isn’t Jim Gaffigan THE BEST? Food Humor FTW. He’s also got some funny things to say about other things. Christmas, for instance:



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2 responses to “Now I’m gonna go puke on that couch. Merry Christmas.

  1. Duuuuuuude, that outfit is sooooo good! You are totally my style inspiration!

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