Elevator music

Gratuitous beanie pic.

Beanie: Target. Dress: Fossil. Cardigan: Zara. Skirt: AA. Tights: HUE. Boots: Doc Martens.

Fossil Dress: Seen before here, here, and here.

I was going to include these boots in my 30 for 30 and decided against it. That was a mistake. HUGE! These boots are simply the best. True story!

So I’m thinking of never riding in an elevator again. Why? Oh, two reasons. One: an electrical fire started in the elevator shaft of the ancient building that I work in. The alarm went off, and since it’s a new one complete with a LOUD yet soothing man’s voice: “PLEASE EVACUATE THE PREMISES!” I sat there bug eyed for a second doing nothing of the sort. Eventually my coworkers and I grabbed our coats and hats and wallets and sauntered off to the dining commons to eat a second breakfast while the firemen arrived. Two: I went to the mall after work and encountered these cats in the elevator. One of them chuckled under his breath and said, “Our next victim.” He blew into a pitch pipe and off they went. Falalalala. Lalalala. I opened my eyes wide and smiled hard like a maniac, foolishly trying to throw them off of their game, but they are truly seasoned professionals. *insert elevator music joke*. *LAUGH*

I kid. I love that stuff.

Speaking of smiling hard:

Faizon Love PONES this scene.





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3 responses to “Elevator music

  1. Fear: hardcore carolers

  2. LOL. That story would make me avoid elevators too!

    Btw, I love your outfit, especially with the skirt peeking through the shirt-dress! Genius! =)

  3. For years I went around at work saying “Work is your favorite – work’s your new favorite” 😀

    And ya know I totally believe you about those boots – what were you thinking? 😉 They are an incredible style AND color!!

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