Fishwives and Beanie Babies

My response to Andy telling me that he was “about to get all up in my grill”. We have fun.

Beanie and gloves: Target. Tank: J.Crew. Dress: Goodwill. Hoodie: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Tretorn.

I felt very The Edge of Love today. After I saw that movie, I scoured the internet for affordable wellies to wear with dresses. I eventually settled on my Tretorns, but sadly, they don’t  fold over. They do have some mighty cozy faux fur lining, though.


So this isn’t a dress I would ordinarily buy for myself: too much going on pattern-wise and a size too big but it was only 3 dollars, so. Done and DONE. I’m thinking about making it into a skirt. And by make, I mean folding the top inside – it’s made for a girl far bustier than me.

Sock Dreams is like crack, I just bought these socks and I want more already! I’m also in love with my new gloves and beanie. When I was in college I wore a beanie every day for a full semester, I had a really bad haircut that was growing out weird – the portion in the back of my head stayed short while the front and sides continued to grow naturally. Everyone called me Beanie Girl disdainfully, like “Take that thing off, already!” My crush (well, one of many) actually pulled it off of my head at one point and threw it across my dorm room.

But I would still wear a beanie everyday if I could.


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12 responses to “Fishwives and Beanie Babies

  1. I have lots of love for beanies, too! I love love love your wellies and this cute outfit! 🙂

  2. This outfit makes me want to hug you and love you like a longshoreman who has just come back to port – for seven of the most romantic minutes you’ll ever know.
    (I’m kinda doing this lip curl, brow arch thing, just so you know.)

  3. Love the inspiration. Do you have a more neutral toned sweater, like maybe the color of your beanie? I loved how you used the rust socks as the ‘foldover’ part. Resourceful.

  4. I love your inspirations…I gotta check out that movie…it looks so fab!

    I adore beanies and I’d wear them everywhere if I could…but alas, my hair is too short to pull it off right so I gotta wait until it’s longer for it to look good. =)

  5. This is very cute – I love the wellies and your inspiration pics!

    And I’m with you about Sock Dreams – totally addictive. I would be embarassed to make public the number of pairs of tights and socks that I have ordered from them.

  6. isn’t layering just so much fun?!? and i looooove that movie too, i fell in love with their coastal looks and promptly bought myself a pair of “wellies” from the local hardware store after watching it. i also want to replicate the knitwear, vintage styled cardigans rule!

  7. Not only do I love this dress and I can just imagine how comfortable it is, but I love those freakin gloves!!! 🙂

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