26: Come fly with me

Bomber hat: Andy and Bax. Cardigan: ZARA. Belt: Vintage. Skirt: Fossil. Tights: HUE. Boots: Frye. Brooch: The Vamoose

I love pinning this brooch to pockets, especially the pockets on this cardigan. It really lends well to the whole military/aviator thing I’ve got going on.

How cool is this?

Pretty cool. I found the MijuAndYou shop through the Norwegian Wood shop which I found through Lost in the Forest, which I found through Wardrobe Remix. And I need it to be mine. So that I can pin it to pockets.

Lazy Sunday: the dishwasher is going, Andy is snoring gently from the couch and Zain is insistently telling Madrox, as he shovels in puffs: “Mad Mad! You have to change your diaper!” We just got back from a short walk around the neighborhood. The sun is out, but it’s heeeella cold out there. Couldn’t wait to get back inside. I couldn’t find my gloves, am sad. I need more:

And because I am a massive dork:

Ten. Hut. Or something.



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5 responses to “26: Come fly with me

  1. Love this sweater. And the pin. To die for.

  2. Jen

    Yes, indeedy. Doddly doo.

  3. i found the link to your blog over at Rose’s site and i. love. everything you are wearing all the time. that hat? that military blouse? j’adoreeee. you have such great taste!

    • Oh my word. This is so fantastic. I love the mix of tough and pretty in this outfit. And yes, yes I do want that pin! Morticia goes military!

      I tagged you for 7 things…check my latest blog post for the deets.

  4. Hi, fellow remixer here. I’m loving this sweater and that medal would be a cool thing to have. Best of luck on the remaining days.

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