23: Macho man

Bowler hat: Goorin. Vest: Old Navy. Coat: Tulle. Newsboy hat, shirt, and jeans: Urban. Earrings: Haute Keys. Tie: Belt from dress. Boots: Frye.

This began as a, “Let’s pair two plaids together again!” moment and evolved from there. I took the tie from my dress because I’ve been wanting to wear a tie for days and for some reason Andy only has a bright red striped one? I could’ve sworn he had more. Anyway. I’ve always had a penchant for menswear and the structure that it adds to an outfit. Also, it’s fun to dress like a dude. When I was in high school I would sometimes wear a dress shirt, slacks and suspenders to school. There was this one girl that it always got a reaction from, she would slap her forehead and shout, “Where do you SHOP?” and I’d laugh and say the thrift store (which is where I did most of my shopping as I had no money). I wasn’t always so inspired though, sometimes I would wear a CK shirt and jeans all week.

I love Jess of Stylepint’s adorable take on menswear inspired outfits, she also cued me in to this great post by The Style Blogger.

Oh, and I made a bow tie out of a scarf my Mom gave me:

The things I do while my kids nap…


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9 responses to “23: Macho man

  1. Hi there. This is the ghost of your twin sister who choked on sheer awesome while scrolling through the pictures. She’ll see ya on the other side.

  2. OMG, I love everything about this whole entire outfit!! I love that hat and the vest..love it!!

  3. Oooh I love menswear! And your mix of plaids is awesome!

    And your bowtie scarf is just ingenious! 🙂 And and and, it’s just great!

  4. Love your take on menswear and that knit bow is awesome. Thanks for the mention! =)

  5. That scarf as bow tie is amazing! Clever, clever, clever!
    I love the menswear look on you. #23 and you are still going strong!

    The Auspicious Life

  6. So cute! So. Cute. What is it about menswear? I am totally stealing that adorable scarf as bowtie thing. Yoink!

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