22: Epaulets and pockets and cloches, oh my


Cloche: Porch Light. Bomber jacket: Fossil. Cardigan: ZARA. Shirt: Trovata. Jumper: Old Navy. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Frye.

22 of 30!

It has BEGUN. My coworkers have started playing Christmas music! AUGH!!! Don’t get me wrong, ’tis the season and all, but I swear it’s like the same 10 songs on repeat for an entire month. Songs I’ll never get tired of: I really love Matt Pond PA’s Snow Day and his cover of Holiday Road. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Anything Nat King Cole sings. God, his voice. *le sigh* So beautiful and velvety.

Also. I’m probably going to end up eating my weight in peppermint bark this month.

Anyway, the outfit: perfect for the cold and foggy day. I would usually pair my bomber hat with this jumper (something about the plaid just calls out for it), but I decided to wear the cloche to soften things up a bit.

On my wish list:

Mary Shirtdress

This dress is calling my naaaaame.  EPAULETS! POCKETS! HOMGIZZLE. And it’s on sale!



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2 responses to “22: Epaulets and pockets and cloches, oh my

  1. Ahh! Peppermint bark! How did I only discover that in the last few years? And why is it so good that now that I know about it, I want to eat it all the time!?

    The Auspicious Life

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