21: Night time is the right time

Hat: Dizzie’s in SLO. Cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: Nordstrom. Skirt: J. Crew. Tights: HUE. Socks: HUE. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Cat with the crazy glowing eyes: Zuri.

I had no time to take pictures before the sun went down. And I’m currently using Andy’s computer because mine isn’t working right now. I never realized how addicted I am to that thing (okay… so maybe I had an inkling), not being able to use it is making me feel kind of crazy. *shifty eyes*  Thank God I married an IT guy. 🙂

This outfit was inspired by this picture from the Ralph Lauren Rugby line:

Did I mention that I NEED a bow tie?


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5 responses to “21: Night time is the right time

  1. Hahaha, crazy cat eyes! I hate how dark its getting…I’ve just given up on outside photos. This looks like it might have been a cute outfit! Love those socks.

    • Jen

      Yeah, I need to find an area in my house that doesn’t have stacks of clothes and legos lying around. It’s getting too rainy/dark outside! I just love my porch too much. O_O

  2. Sweet scents of freesia, I love the sweater, the skirt, the tights and the shoes. O_O

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