20: Welcome to the working week

Pea Coat: Gap. Cardigan: Target. Belt: Ladybird’s General Store. Skirt: Vintage. Tights:whoknows. Brogues: Franco Sarto

20 of 30

I know it don’t thrill you, I hope it don’t kill you. Dude, Mondays suck. Maybe that’s why I look like someone pissed in my cheerios? Woof.

Skipped yesterday; there was no way that I was getting dressed. I stayed in my pajamas and robe all day long and it was glorious. Caught up on some shows (Community, 30 Rock), watched my favorite scenes of Jeffrey (OMG LOVE). Listened to Mumford and Sons. A LOT. Especially this song:

This outfit was the closest I could get to not changing out of my robe, because I really didn’t want to get dressed again. But I kind of had to. Anyway, so cozy! I never used to wear brown and black together, but I really love how the brown in this outfit makes everything so much..sharper. The belt and brogues are totally MFEO, amirite?

So here are outfits 11-19:

Also, how awesome is Bethany for this one?

Pretty awesome.



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2 responses to “20: Welcome to the working week

  1. Those shoes are so awesome and I love the plaid skirt. I’m loving the last picture with the three of you, I want some crazy mad photo shop skills please!!!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

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