19: Are we there yet?!


Jacket: Fossil. Shirts: Urban and J.Crew. Jeans: Urban. Boots: Frye.

Ah, home sweet home. No long car trips for a while, thank you very much. Mad and Zain were actually really good, except for this part:

Mad (at the top of his lungs): NO!
Me: What’s wrong sweetie, do you want something to eat?
Mad: NO!
Me: Do you want a car? Leopard Nimoy?
Mad: NO!
Me: I know you’ve been in your car seat a long time, sweetie, but you can’t get up.
Mad: NO!
Me: Zain, shush. Mad, it’ll be okay.
Mad: NO!
Me: Can you please stop yelling no?
Mad: NO!
Me: Can you at least say it in another language? Like Spanish?
Mad: NO!

Yeeeah. 🙂

Good night.




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5 responses to “19: Are we there yet?!

  1. Welcome back to rainy Portland. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed a little sunshine.
    Sounds like Mad knows Spanish – or you just got lucky the word in the same in both languages 🙂

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I love the, “Can you say it in another language?”

  3. Whelp. You suck for not stopping off in Montreal en route to Portland…

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