17: Country Road

Hat: Urban. Sweater: Fossil. Dress: Buffalo Exchange. Tights: HUE. Boots: Frye.

17 of 30.

I’m thankful for my three wonderful guys: Andy, Zain, and Madrox.

I’m thankful for our lovely family and friends. I’m thankful to be in California, home to In N Out and Thrifty’s Ice Cream! I’m thankful for Skype, which allowed us to celebrate with our family in Montreal. I’m thankful for three Thanksgiving feasts! I’m thankful that it’s such a beautiful day. I’m thankful for my new readers. I’m thankful for all of this and much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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3 responses to “17: Country Road

  1. I need tights of this color. I used to have canvas shoes in that hue, come to think of it. And it was glorious. Thanks, Old Navy.

  2. I love this outfit; that dress is so cute!!!! And, I really love the background for your pictures!! Looks so warm and sunny!!

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