15: Whoa, I’m halfway there

Cardigan: Target. Dress: Zara. Jeans: Urban. Boots: Frye.

I’m running low on long sleeved shirts (what was I thinking?!) so naturally, I made my dress into one. I’ve done this one other time when I was pregnant. See, I wasn’t trying to be crafty or anything, I just had no other shirts that covered my stomach and the dress barely covered my bum as it was (I wore leggings underneath). So, done and DONE. And is it just me or are dresses getting shorter and shorter? I’ve got hips, kids. And I also have to occasionally bend over. Must I wear jean shorts under everything? Anyway, I just folded the dress up into the elastic and voila! Shirt! *fistpump* Except, now that I look at these pictures I think it might make me look pregnant. Circle of Life.

We took these pictures at Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven in Arroyo Grande while checking out banjos (true story!). Most of those sign names? I have no idea what they’re referencing. Houses of the Holy? Studios 51 & 50? I got nothin’. No worries, Andy clued me in. My guitar teacher assumed I knew the melody to Stairway to Heaven (you know the drill: when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me), and when I said I didn’t? The entire class stared. me. DOWN. Truly?! And then he mentioned Robert Plant and I felt like messing with them just a leetle bit more so I asked, “Who?” LOUD groans. But then, the next week, the teacher mentioned Private Idaho and no one knew who the B-52s or Gus Van Sant were/was? *steeples fingers* HMMMMM.



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2 responses to “15: Whoa, I’m halfway there

  1. Oh, princess fair! You are evah so short. 😀

  2. I love when you said you have to bend over. I think that all the time. How are we expected to bend or sit in dresses so short! Ridiculous!
    Congrats on making it to the halfway point! You look like you are doing great.

    The Auspicious Life

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