Sweater: Fossil. Shirt: GILT (Trovata). Jeans: Urban. Saddle shoes: Bass.

14 of 30.

Another busy fun-filled day in California. Visiting with in-laws, meeting up with old friends, eating In N Out, and hopefully seeing Harry Potter later tonight!





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8 responses to “Fourteen

  1. Holy Ghost, that first picture is gorg.

  2. Looking good!! xoxo Jodi

  3. Ooooh, I want your shoes!!!! Such a classic outfit. Love it.
    Mmmmm…In N Out…and HP 7 is EPIC!

    • Jen

      We’ve eaten In N Out twice since being here, I plan on going at least one more time. Okay, maybe twice. It’s never enough. I’m also going to get some Thrifty’s ice cream; have no idea why Oregon has neither. O_O And we didn’t get to see HP yet, hopefully tonight! I’m so excited!

  4. Such pretty pictures!!! That color is great on you and I love how the sun hits you….

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