12: A Family Affair

My aunt’s dog, Mazel!

It’s important to stop and smell the flowers.

Me: Sweater: Fossil. Shirt: Urban. Skirt: Fossil. Belt: Ladybird’s General Store. Socks: Sock Dreams. Tights: ? Boots: Frye. Silver Collar Necklace: gift from Mom (to Ana, I stole it from her).

Anastasia: Wrap: Nordstrom. Cami: TJ Maxx. Skirt: Anthro. Boots: Rocket Dog.

My big sister Anastasia decided to join me for my outfit pictures today since she BAILED on me with the challenge. *sniff* Still stings. Andy took these pictures, sometimes stopping in between each shot to laugh at us. “Take a picture of me jumping!” I’d tell him and he would, and then he’d instruct, “Try not to make jump face next time.” But alas, it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE not to make jump face, especially when you’re jumping. Model/sexy face + jumping = rocket science.

We had a ton of fun doing this, can you tell? 😛

My baby sister Bethany decided to join in the fun from Montreal. Cause we’re sisters. We stand together. Something something spots. Something family.

And then there’s my precious nephew Ethan and his Mumford and Sons inspired outfit:


Mumford and Sons.

Their music is so good it’s STUPID. I can’t even. I mean, wow. Andy was listening to them during our drive; I was trying to sleep and failing and all I could say was “Pretty. So pretty.” over and over.

And I’m spent.



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9 responses to “12: A Family Affair

  1. auntizzle

    Western Pet Feed and Supply.

  2. auntizzle

    Just in case anyone wanted info on the pink harness that Mazzie is wearing.

  3. What a stylish family!

    I’ve been looking through you remix outfits so far and I love them all! You’re doing a great job, I love the blue shoes!

  4. oh dearest LORD, thank you for Mumford and Sons!!!!! I thought they sounded familar so i looked them up and am now the proud owner of their album which is adding all sorts of heart beating wonderfulness to my day after thanksgiving cleaning party. 🙂 so… thanks and you two look super sweet!


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