Eleventh Hour

Hat: Urban. Shirt and pants: J. Crew. Shoes: Bass.

Do not be fooled by these pictures, it is POURING outside. Hellooooo California! Did you miss us? No tears, seriously. NO TEARS. But enough about the weather.

I didn’t even want to get dressed today; Andy and I drove all night and collapsed with relief and exhaustion when we arrived at my Aunt’s house. Hence the no fuss outfit. Today has been spent lounging and talking and soothing crying babes and eating In ‘N Out. I’ve spent five hours typing this post. Yiiikes.

Happy Friday everyone!






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8 responses to “Eleventh Hour

  1. auntizzle

    YEAH! i was hoping you would take pics on these chairs.

  2. I am so hurt by these pictures. So hurt.

  3. THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING!! LOVE your preppy/comfy/soft look here. So great to meet you, fellow remixer! 🙂

  4. You drove there? Oh my goodness. That is a long ride. I’m glad you got some In and Out from it!

    The Auspicious Life

  5. I love this outfit. Looks nice and relaxing! And, awesome pics by the way. You can’t even tell its pouring outside!!

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