(Not) Dressed to the nines


















Cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: J. Crew. Pants: Buffalo Exchange. Shoes: Bass.

1. Do you like my potty pose in the first picture? Ha! Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now.

2. These pants are another great find from Buffalo Exchange, little to no gaping in the back which hardly ever happens to me! I have always had a problem with finding pants/jeans that fit me since I have a rather *ahem* large bum.

3. I love The Nines,

a movie told in three parts and the actors (Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy, and Hope Davis) play a different character in each. Nines are not quite humans (sevens), not quite  gods (tens), definitely not koalas (eights), but they can create worlds in the blink of an eye. So. Apparently it was written for Melissa McCarthy (aka Sookie, who is amazing), who also plays herself?Awesome.

4. Didn’t love 9.

5. I have yet to see Nine.

6. There are too many nine movies.

7. Can you tell I love movies?

8. Andy and I are watching Deep Space Nine from the very beginning. It’s more than a little weird, so much overacting and knowing smiles at the end of each episode!

9. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be visiting California in a couple of days? I’m longing for sunshine. My porch pictures weren’t really cutting it, too much wind and rain.



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8 responses to “(Not) Dressed to the nines

  1. I love those pants! I’m always on the lookout for pants other then plain brown or black and i love these!!! And that blue top is great on you!!

  2. Yeah, this outfit is scrumptious.

  3. Aahhh! The rain today was crazy!
    Have fun in California!
    I love your bold pants, today.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. auntizzle

    I miss the porch! Blue! Ahhhh!

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