Have you ever seen TiMER? Very cute film.

In fact, I said that word the entire time I watched it. Cuuuuuuuuute! So cute! Gimme! I was mostly talking about Emma Caufield’s wardrobe, which is so incredibly CUTE, thanks to someone named Yasmine Abrahams. I wonder if she (Emma) “borrowed” it all after the film wrapped. I would’ve. P.S. Her name in the film is Oona. Oooof. But it makes sense because I can see someone named Oona having a wardrobe like this.

ZING Lavender coat. ALSO, I miss my Passat! 😦

Well, hello plaid jumper.


Yes, please.

Love the color and the frilly collar.

And this velvety number.


In conclusion, WANT.



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3 responses to “TiMER

  1. Ana

    I had the same wardrobe envy for that movie. Have you seen Penelope with Christina Ricci? Her clothes in that make me a little bit swoony.

  2. I totally agree! When I watched it on Netflix Instant, I was totally struck by her wardrobe. I felt like I should be taking notes! haha!

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