Quintessential Friday post


Coat: Nordstrom. Gloves: American Eagle. Scarf: Husband’s. Cloche: Target. Cameo brooch: thrifted

My husband, Andy, called me the quintessential of cute today. I called him a genius because I needed a title for my fifth outfit post (I also called him a sweetheart because aw). And then I told him I wasn’t feeling particularly great about this outfit and he said, “Well, you have to crack a lot of eggs to make a buck.” INDEED.

I love how the sun came out after I took these.

In honor of Five day:

Who can forget straight. up. Funk?! Or ABZ LOVE? Yiiiiiiiikes. Did anyone else love 5ive? Who was your favorite? I *think* mine was J. Brown.



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10 responses to “Quintessential Friday post

  1. Those shoes! They are so gloriously blue! I’m still trying to figure out how to make a buck by cracking any eggs at all…it doesn’t seem like much of a marketable skill.

  2. I love the pun in the title and that it was your husband’s idea!
    The sun was out for all of an hour today. Of course, I missed it, too.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Ana

    Those shoes are absolutely fantastic. ❤

  4. If you really want it.

    It’s over here.

    (No, wait. Over here.)

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