Scarf: Therapy in SLO. Necklaces: Erica Weiner, self made. Tights: Sock Dreams

Not quite sure how I feel about this outfit. It needs….something. I built it around the skirt, which I like but don’t love but WILL continue to wear because it’s so very velvety. And it’s got pockets! But man, if it were juuuust a little fuller? And juuuuuuust a little longer? Hoo, boy. HOO BOY. Anyway, I really do love these colors together. Very fall. Very autumn. Very brown. I have a pair of knee high argyle socks that I’ll try pairing with it next time, and maybe a button down shirt.




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16 responses to “One

  1. I love that blue and yellow combo with all the pretty rich brown items! I especially like the first photo where you can see more of the blue and the necklace. Great combo!

  2. LOVE this outfit. It needs nothing. But seriously, I am such a long-legged prude; can’t wear skirts above my knee for the most part. 😦

    • Jen

      *runs over to Bethany* I feel ya. FOR REAL. Hey, you’ll be happy (well, maybe) to know that I found this skirt at J. Crew for $19.99. It did indeed make me shudder with delight, although it should never have been more than that in the first place but I am still pleased and will now haunt J.Crew for eternity to try and catch some more crazy deals the end. I’m only half joking.

  3. These colors are so perfect. I think it looks cute as-is!

  4. Love this outfit and the colors! =) I always have that same debate about my skirts…I like them, but I want them to be a little bit different than what I have. Anyways, good luck with the 30 for 30! =)

    • Jen

      Yes, exactly. Where are you, knee length brown corduroy circle skirt with pockets?! I wish I could make all of my own clothes, but alas, I am lazy. SOMEDAY.

  5. I love the color combo. Very fall like.

  6. Love this! The whole outfit is great – the proportions, the colours, the shoes.

  7. Liz

    A perfect fall outfit! Makes me wish I had some velvety items 🙂

  8. Auntie

    Well I absolutely love it. If I ever get to be a size zero, then you can send it to meeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  9. These are great colors. I especially love the cardigan!

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