What’s new pussycat?

Cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: Old Navy. Skirt: Anthropologie. Tights: HUE. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Belt: LadyBird’s General Store.

I’ve realized that cats are cutest when they don’t belong to you. Like this cat! Super cute! It really is quite endearing how she tries to sneak into our house at all hours, waiting patiently for us to simply crack open the door! And when she weaves in and out of my legs when I’m trying to take a simple walk with my kids? Adorable! The boys, of course, love her to bitsies and would have succeeded in crushing her in childlike wonder if we didn’t shoo her away each and every time. Run for your life, kitty! But she just keeps coming back! Seriously though, she really is the sweetest cat ever. How cute is that third shot? Super cute, I say!

Anyway. Here’s my outfit from yesterday. I’ve been wearing these tights and shoes a lot, I just love the way they look together!!



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5 responses to “What’s new pussycat?

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the 4th picture that’s the money shot. Frakking adorable. And I don’t even *like* cats. A little. At all. O_O Ihatecats.

  2. I like all of this together – the shirt, cardigan, skirt, shoes. Perfect!

    I am obviously partial to animals overall, but probably like cats a little more *just* because people are always so quick to discount them – not only do people think they’re a larger social indicator (“cat lady” or “he’s gay” oooh) but in most city shelters they’re the species most plentiful and most often put to sleep due to lack of homes.

    I’ve had large reformed junkyard dogs/friendly dogs and now borderline feral cats/friendly cats as pets over the years and they’re basically *the same* with some different body language. It’s so weird how people make a big deal about cats/dogs.

    • Jen

      Thanks Jesse!
      It is interesting how people use the term “cat lady” as a euphemism for pitiful/crazy old maid; I know a woman who puts her dogs in baby carriers and lines her office walls with their glamour shots. O_o There’s always gonna be some scary person obsessed with their pet, but they don’t represent all dog/cat owners.

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