Here comes the rain again

Coat: Tulle. Fur collar: Ebay? Sweater: Fossil. Shirt: Buffalo Exchange. Skirt: Fossil. Tights: ? Brogues: Franco Sarto. Bag: Etsy

Jewelry: self-made skeleton key necklace

and Fossil earrings:

which I bought in New York and looooooooove. Fossil’s got a lot of great jewelry right now. I have to avoid their stores from now on, too much stuff that I want/NEED. I just noticed that this outfit is pretty much all Fossil. *fist pump* I was resolved to build an outfit around this skirt, I hardly ever wear it. I wore another skirt beneath it to give it some poof. And since it’s been getting kind of cool lately I pulled out one of my fur collars and pinned it to my favorite coat. I eventually want to attach a velvet ribbon to it so that I don’t have to keep puncturing the collar.

I am sooo happy that it’s Friday. It’s supposed to rain for the next week or so (or maybe forevermore?) and I will miss the sun, but I will enjoy wearing my tights frequently! I need to get a new umbrella, preferably one that looks like this:




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6 responses to “Here comes the rain again

  1. You took the 8:15 from Halifax, didn’t you?

  2. I don’t know anything about what I like, but this is style.

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