Sweater: Fossil

Shirt: Dress from Dizzie’s in SLO

Skirt: Anthro

Tights: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Gianni Bini

These tights are on their way out. I found a hole in them the other day. They’re so comfortable, but I doubt that I’ll be purchasing another pair at 35 bucks a pop. BUT I just bought three new pairs in charcoal, mustard and olive green: I look forward to not having to shave my legs for the next several months! Kidding. Sort of. Mad (my youngest) thinks the mustard ones are odd, whenever I’ve had them on he’s stared at my legs for a moment and then poked at them with an outstretched finger. Tights, I tell him, and he repeats the word and wanders off but comes right back to poke my legs two seconds later. I understand where he’s coming from though. I’m not quite comfortable with yellow legs yet, I keep taking them off in favor of black or brown.





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5 responses to “Tights

  1. This is a great fall outfit! I’m sorry your son doesn’t like yellow tights, last winter I got a pair and by the time spring rolled in I was hooked. Colored tights are just so much fun!

  2. First of all, your hair is such a Finesse commercial in these pictures. Lovely.

    Secondly, I walked into Fossil yesterday and saw those medals and a rum colored satchel and fell out on the floor. Sent you telepathic messages. You probably remember.

    Third, I wore footless tights and heels today with that torquoise dress I got while we were in NY. Oh and that colorful locket I found in Mom’s jewelry box in the garage. No pictures. Me = winner.

    • Jen

      There are Fossils in Montreal? Aw, that warms my heart. We should time our entrances and then it’ll be like we’re in the same place.
      And put the outfit back on and take a picture, you wretch!

      • Yes, but as always, it’s like every Fossil location is completely different in terms of inventory, which at first seems super unique and later feels stupid because now I can’t find what I wanted. Just gobs of new stuff that I now want. O_O

        My new fb profile pic shows the top of the dress…and the locket (well, its chain anyway)… šŸ˜€

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