Shirt: Buffalo Exchange

Sweater: Gap

Pants: J CREW

Shoes: Bass

Button: Atlantic Treefox

Don’t you love it when the socks you blindly grab for in the early hours of the morning perfectly match your outfit? Score!

I love my crown badge; my boss saw it and asked me if my nickname had been Queen or Princess growing up. Ha! I was more of a “Mouse”, quiet and shy and always somewhere reading a book instead of socializing. I was fascinated (and still am, quite frankly) by people who oozed confidence and said whatever came to mind. I always thought that when I turned thirty I would be like that. I’m not quite there yet.

This is the kind of outfit that I wore non stop in high school. Sweaters/sweater vests, chinos/cords, my dad’s argyle socks and oxfords. This particular outfit was based off of the fact that I had a chiropractic appointment that day and I needed to wear pants seeing as my Doctor would be lifting my legs up repeatedly. I also wanted to wear my saddle shoes. And voila. MAGIC.


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  1. FLAVE! I mean, Flurve.

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