What I want, what I got

New shoes! I was going to go for the usual black and white saddle shoe but being the cheapskate that I am, I bought this color since they were on sale. I loooove them.

New Hat! And I thought I’d treat myself to a new AIRPLANE while I was at it.

I lusted after this belt a while back, but laughed at the insane price. Turns out Urban Outfitters has something pretty similar (and cheap!). It looks kind of fanny pack-y, but I still dig it.

This BB Dakota Tipton skirt will be mine.

I’m a huge fan of the bowtie necklaces that I’ve been seeing a lot lately on Etsy.

Houndstooth bowtie necklace

Super cute necklace!

Jr. Stewardess necklace


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3 responses to “What I want, what I got

  1. I’m glad those were the ones on sale – way. better. And your plane? Very impressive.

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