I love lamp(post).

Dress: Anthropologie

Sandals: Pink Studio

Necklace: exex

I love lamppost. I love posts about lampposts. Seriously though, lampposts are the shit. I need one in my front yard tout de suite (pardon my French).

Andy and I took the boys to the park to wear them out before nap time. The weather was GLORIOUS. But, since it’s Portland, I loaded the stroller up with sweaters for all of us in case the sky opened. You never know. Andy took a buttload of pictures of me, which mostly turned out horrible.

But check out my guys!

My precious firstborn Z. Check out all that pocket action! I have…no idea what he’s yelling at.

Mad, who is getting so big that I’m starting to think about having another one sooner rather than later!

Andy has been rocking Spam shirts since high school. I’m pretty sure that Spam was his nickname at some point. I need to find some more for him as this one is getting kind of ratty.

Aaaand here’s one last shot of me under the gorgeous St. John’s bridge.



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4 responses to “I love lamp(post).

  1. Your family is so sweet.

  2. And also, I love all of these and also I stole one and also I’m about to put it on my facebook and possibly my blog.

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