Shirt: Buffalo Exchange (J. Crew)

Skirt: Can’t remember

Tights: Target

Shoes: Nicole

Brooch: The Vamoose

I’ve worn this brooch several times before realizing that brooch + pocket = match made in heaven.  Haven’t I already rhapsodized about pockets?! THE BEST. Even pockets on infant clothing are swoonworthy, nevermind the occasional cheerio that gets lodged in them. Chances are I will spend money on clothing that my children do not need simply because there are strategically placed pockets! This skirt does not have pockets. This needs to be remedied immediately. In conclusion, pockets are made of win.

Now all I need is a pocket watch and a monocle to make my life complete.


Remember the scenes where Veronica would write in her diary in HUGE sprawling text, three words to a page, wearing a monocle?! I. DIE.



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2 responses to “Brooch

  1. You need to know I fell out of my chair. That brooch and pocket combo is the antidote.

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