Tooth of Hounds

Hat: Urban (my favorite!)

Tanks: Target

BDG Jeans: Urban (on sale!)

Shoes: Same old Chucks

Because the world’s too cold for a girl like that

With a Blackfoot soul and a cowboy newsboy hat

Everything she loved went down the dragon track

She had a fear of trains

I really only listen to one Magnetic Fields album, and that’s The Charm of the Highway Strip. It’s a country themed album and is kind of over the top. There are lots of mentions of  trains and the open road and the lead singer has the most distracting deep croon, sometimes it sounds like a belch is on it’s way. Basically it’s awesomesauce.

There’s just something about mustard yellow, black and white. Such a great combination. I wear this hat any chance I can get, and so the rest of the outfit just fills in the blanks: what would look good with this hat, etc. A lot, it turns out! 😛 I went to Urban this weekend and tried to find some more to add to my collection, but alas, I could barely fit them on  my head. One size fits all? Hardly. It’s too bad because they were all soooooo cute! 😛 BUT I bought these “jeans” and FLURVE them; all jeans were on sale for $39 so I made sure to scoop some up.



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2 responses to “Tooth of Hounds

  1. I feel like you’re gonna get hit with trains. O_O

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