She’s got a new dress

She’s gonna look her best!

Dress: Buffalo Exchange

Shoes: Nicole

Earrings: Haute Keys

I totes need an apron to throw over this. Then I’d really be cooking.

Ouch. I’m sorry.

So I found this amazing number at Buffalo Exchange. It was one of those “Who the eff would ever give THIS up?” moments. And then I wore it. AND SO WHAT, it gapes a little when I sit down (the tie covers it, plus I wore a tank underneath), AND SO WHAT I have little to no range of arm motion. BECAUSE WHO NEEDS TO MOVE THEIR ARMS, REALLY? Not me. I don’t.

And check it out:  my typewriter key earrings go PERFECTLY. I love this dress!



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6 responses to “She’s got a new dress

  1. That dress is darling, maybe a tailor could adjust it a bit so its more comfy.

  2. This dress is PERFECT! Me wants one!!! I just got some t-shirts for Ethan and I at Buffalo Exchange the other day, in addition to this little fabric flower which is SO perfect!

    • Jen

      I agree 🙂 There’s a BE in Sac? Oh, right …you guys are in LA. They overcharge a lot, but I can’t be bothered most of the time to go to other thrift shops and rifle through everything. I’ve found some good stuff over the years.

  3. Any woman who wouldn’t give up arm motion and boob discretion for that dress is a hermaphrodite. There I said it.

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