Pinky and the Bee

When Andy saw this last picture he said, “Aw, who stole your kitty?” HA. Exactly the look I was going for.

Shirt: Fossil

Pants: J Crew

Sandals: Pink Studio

Necklace: Self made skeleton key necklace

When I was a kid a bee stung me in my forehead. My siblings and I attended this tiny Christian elementary school, and I was playing hookie with one of my sisters. We were supposed to be in class but were playing on the blacktop instead. I had climbed a fence and was looking out over it when I heard this zzzzzzzzrp noise. It was kind of like an arrow hitting a mark. I felt an ache in my forehead and reached up to rub it and my fingers grazed a FUZZY INSECT (this is still a very traumatizing memory for me), and so of course I flipped OUT. I remember going to the nurse’s office sobbing and she said something like, “Well, you shouldn’t have been out there anyway.” God really showed me the error of my ways, huh? ANYWAY. Check out this picture:

I am DANCING with the Holy Spirit right now. Speaking in tongues. Bee + my forehead = NOT COOL.


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One response to “Pinky and the Bee

  1. meg

    holy crap that bee is scary!


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