Cloches and Mary Janes

Cloche: Target

Shirt: Nordstrom

Skirt: Fossil

Belt: Thrifted

Shoes: Pink Studio

Here’s an outfit from earlier in the week. I needed a new pair of black flats and these Pink Studios fit the bill. They were on sale, simple and cute so I went for it. Alas, my heels are now killing me. The leather gathers at the back and even well-placed band-aids didn’t help. I hope they stretch because NOT COOL. Who would’ve guessed that my heels are the more comfortable lot? IRONY.



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5 responses to “Cloches and Mary Janes

  1. I want more color. 😦

    I use these heel guards I bought at Target a long time ago. Tis awesome.

    There was a time I had seven pairs of black flats in various styles. Now I have … one. Pair of red flats. Right. Might have gone overboard on the compensation dealie. Did the same thing with brown boots instead of any more black boots and now I have *none*.

    • Jen

      Yeah, next time I’ll wear my pink earrings or wear my teal shoes.
      I’ll definitely have to buy some of those heel guards. And some gel insoles for my creepers, while I’m at it.

  2. Meg

    I hate, hate when new shoes rub your heel all raw…this happened to me this week too. What are these heel guards you ladies talk of? Sounds like I need to get me some.

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