Teal me something good

Shirt: Nordstrom

Skirt: JCPenney’s or Macy’s…really old

Shoes: Biviel

Belt: Thrifted (off another dress)

I feel a little Mad Men-y (Mad Minnie?) in this outfit. I think pencil skirts have that effect. I need more in my life, they are good for my hips and there aren’t that many things out there that are good for my hips.

I also need more shirts with peter pan collars. Just because.

When I bought these shoes there were only two colors available. I had more than enough pairs of black shoes so I went outside my comfort zone and went with teal. I hate buying things that won’t work in multiple ways, and you can never go wrong with black. But I was surprised by how perfectly these shoes fit in my closet. I still want the pair in black, though.



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3 responses to “Teal me something good

  1. Those shoes are great! I still have such a hard time not buying the “practical” color of a shoe but have been slowly branching out too. My favorite non black shoe would have to be my gold crackled ballet flats.

  2. I love this outfit.


    I’m starting at you with intensity.

    Look at me Jen.



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