Heart of Gold

Shirt: Fossil

Undershirt: Target

Pants: J. Crew

Sandals: Pink Studio

Necklace: Something Silver (Far Fetched)

I wore this to Oaks park with the boys. OAKS. PARK. There are no words to describe it, and yet so many. First…amusement park? Hahaha. I guess it’s an amusement park in the way that it’s a large park in which you can amuse yourself, but that’s anywhere, am I right? There are “rides” and “food” and “entertainment” but California, please come and show Oregon how it’s done. Thanks.

Z had a GREAT time, but then again, he’s THREE. He likes silly things like sticks and rocks. He was asking to be taken out of the stroller continuously and when he got out, he ran LIKE THE WIND. Everywhere. And I followed. In this outfit. I wish I could find a picture of the employee shirts…PAINFULLY BAD. Dingy button downs with pictures of Ferris wheels and carousels on them.

Anyway, we rode the carousel and the train, which is probably the slowest moving thing ever. I suppose we’ll probably go back to there (not a typo). The End.



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2 responses to “Heart of Gold

  1. That is highlarious (not a typo). Reminded me of the HipHop characters from Fete des Neiges. (And please remember they don’t pronounce the “h”…ridonkulous.)

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