Golden Girl

Dress worn as a shirt: Dizzy’s in SLO (closed now, I think)

Skirt: Nordstrom

Sandals: Pink Studio

Jump. For my love. JUMP IN.

My kid’s making an appearance in this post. Have no idea what he’s looking at when his mom is doing something SUPER COOL.

I need more summer clothes, I have a wealth of tights and cardigans and things upon/with which to layer, but I need sleeveless and legless things. I don’t own any shorts, but I like the look of these:

and these:

and these:

and these:

…just kidding.

Speaking of things that go on my legs (nice segue, right? Right.),  I just ordered some awesome (on sale!) Hansel from Basel kneepad thigh highs:

Yeah, I’m obviously not in the summer mindset yet.



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10 responses to “Golden Girl

  1. Why do you insist on calling him “your KID”? Sounds so trailer park. 😛

  2. Z is in the window! I heart. And I wanna know what this looked like as a dress? Is it tucked?

    • Jen

      Yeah, it’s tucked. I guess it’s more of a tunic? It’s short, I’ve worn it with leggings underneath. There’s a some pics on FB of me wearing it in Hawaii.

  3. Meg

    ahhahhhaaaaa! bloomer shorts!
    and those shoes!
    I’m feeling all exclamation-y today(!!)

    • Jen

      Oh, so those have a name? Interesting. Bloomer shorts. So they’re undies? Or shorts? Both? I’m feeling all question marky today. 😛

  4. I totally thought that the skirt was the dress too and was so confused at how you worked it. LOL! Its great to see you kid peaking in the back, I wonder what was so much better than watching mommy jump around.

    High-waisted shorts would look so nice on you! You should give them a try, I bet many of them are already on sale so its the perfect time to try a new silhouette.

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