Dress: Fossil

Sweater: Fossil

Shoes: Biviel

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, selfmade skeleton key necklace

Don’t you just love my “Aw, shucks…” pose/look? I’m gonna run with it.


Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you just loved to stare at, and sometimes daydreamed about? Yep. THESE SHOES. Probably in my top five. I love them to bitsies (even though they’ve stretched a little more than I would like). I saved up for months for them, but they’ll last forever. I’m all about investments.

Yay, it’s Friday! We’re going to go to Powell’s and take long walks, maybe squeeze a playdate in.



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5 responses to “Blossom

  1. FLURVE.

    Would’ve liked to see the necklace close up tho.

  2. LURVE the Biviels! So yummy. And the floral print is PURTY!

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