True Blood Season 2


This. man. One of  the few reasons that I continue to watch True Blood. So effing hilarious. COERCE. Another? I’m kind of embarrassed to say: Sookie and Eric’s eventual hook-up. I’m a sucker (NO PUN  INTENDED! LOLLERSKATES) for emotionally unavailable guys finding themselves on the battlefield that is love. Just can’t get enough. Oh, he says he doesn’t care. But deep down? He totally does! He wants to be monogamous! With you! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Don’t look at me. Stop!

Anyway, I devoured the second season in about a week. The season started out with me thinking, “So DUMB!” and then halfway through I was taken in by the sweetness of Hoyt and Jessica, and the heart-wrenching Godric/Eric scenes (I CRIED!) and then by the last episode I was thinking, “Dude. Soooooo DUMB!” Why are people running around acting like they’re going to do stuff ? They’re so not going to do stuff! Tara, Jason, Andy, Sookie. I’m looking at YA’LL. Go sit down somewhere.

And then I ask myself, Why are you wasting your time on this subpar shit?

Oh, right.



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4 responses to “True Blood Season 2

  1. What are you talking about? How is Sookie going to confront an ancient magical entity on her own with no plan, useful powers, or weapons a bad idea!? That girl is a genius I tell you!

  2. Rachel

    Ok, I know I’m late.

    Not only does she have no weapons or useful powers, she actually ATTRACTS supernatural beings who want to suck her blood. Fairy blood you know. Did you know?

    Anyways, who needs weapons/useful powers when you are blonde, curvaceous, and spunky?

    Also. Nelsan Ellis.

    • Jen

      The last person I watch the show for is Sookie Effing Stackhouse. She doesn’t even know how to read minds properly.

      I read two of the books in the series and it was INSANE how often her hair color was mentioned. WHO CARES. I mean, are people still on that “gentlemen prefer blondes” train?! It all seems so archaic.


  3. Rachel

    I have read all of them except the last…there are also constant reminders of womanly curves and the fact that she isn’t lacking in the boob department. Since when do vampires care about boobs? I also don’t believe heroines should ever be blonde, but that’s just me 😛

    And because I am definitely NOT preoccupied with the whole blonde/blue eyed beauty ideal, my opinion of any male who states that he prefers blondes or dates primarily blondes is ridiculously and probably unfairly low.

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