Girl’s Not Grey

So apparently that song title is spelled with an apostrophe? Interesting.

Shirt: Anthropologie

Skirt: Fossil

Sandals: Pink Studio

Belt: took off a vintage dress

OOOOOF. I look tired, don’t I? And shiny. Hey, can you tell I love these sandals? My coworker came in one day wearing them and I had to have them. Walked immediately to my purse,  pulled out my card and offered it to her.

I wish I had gotten this shirt in other colors, I love it so much. It’s the best ever: simple and stylish. Anthro is so hit or miss. I buy a lot of my clothes online, so there’s always this possibility that I might hate what I’ve bought (I really make it a point to read a good amount of the reviews lately, though). Not so with this shirt. After I put it on, I clenched my fist and whispered, “Awesome,” at my reflection. What? You don’t do that?

I was smart about the skirt though, I made sure to buy it in every color available (which was…2).



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2 responses to “Girl’s Not Grey

  1. Holy carp, I love this outfit. O_O

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