Apricot Mango

Shirt: J. Crew

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Gift (Jeffrey Campbell)

This outfit is extremely comfortable. Flattering? Not so much. Maybe I should trying cinching the waist with ribbon? Something. I swear I ironed the shirt, but all it took was me climbing into the car to make me one big wrinkle. Boo.

I love the color of this shirt though. It reminds me of Thrifty’s apricot mango sherbet. Ever had it? It’s JAMAZING. Once upon a time Rite Aid used to be called Thrifty’s and they sold ice cream by the scoop. It was 35 cents a scoop when I was a kid or something silly like that. Rainbow sherbet was my ice cream of choice, and I occasionally ventured out of my safety zone to try mint chip and chocolate malted crunch. Now Thrifty’s are no more, but Rite Aid still sells the ice cream brand, UNLESS YOU LIVE IN OREGON. Then you’re just shit out of luck. *sobs*


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6 responses to “Apricot Mango

  1. Love the colors, love the memory – nothing says JenJen like sherbet.

  2. Jen

    You were all about the mint chip. I think?

    • All up and THROUGH. Guess what Ezra’s favorite flavor is. WEIRD.

      • Jen

        And Carlton lurved strawberry and Anastasia couldn’t live without the pecan praline (and another nutty flavor that I can’t remember the name of). Christopher was…chocolate?
        Mmmmm, I want some Thrifty’s now.
        Oh! And remember when we would go to Leatherby’s? Those were magical nights.

  3. I just begged Daddy to take me and Ethan soon. He took us to Rite Aid instead. HAHAHA Thrifty is as thrifty does. HAHAHA And yes, those were our flavors. Mine was also Cookies n’ Cream and Pistachio. Still are. HAHA Now I take Thanos to gelato. His favs lately are Chocolate mixed with Blood Orange, Watermelon Sorbetto, Peach Sorbetto with little chunks of peach in it. YUM.

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