All Aboard

Shirt: Trovata (Gilt)

Pants: Buffalo Exchange (J. Crew)

Boots: Doc Martens

Andy says that I look like a train engineer in this shirt. I love the off-centered buttons and frilly collar/sleeves. I wanted to tuck in the shirt to show off the sailor buttons in the front of the pants, but they’re a bit loose so it wouldn’t really work. I’ll be wearing this shirt a lot this summer.

It’s finally getting really hot around here. All of my coworkers were whining about the possibility of heatstroke today. *scoffs* This is how we do in Portland, we whine rain or shine. I couldn’t take another rainy day, though. Oh Lord, NO.



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4 responses to “All Aboard

  1. jebbiedoon

    It’s part of the PDX charm…it’s fun to bitch about the weather.

    Are you going to have guest appearances by childrens on this here style blog? I know 2 adorable little boys who have amazing style.

  2. Love the shirt – haven’t worn either of my two sailor skirts yet. Went from rain, blusteriness to too hot to breathe. Humidity and Me. (My next book. It’s just a picture of a puffy dog.)

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