Independence Day

Dress: BB Dakota (Urban Outfitters)

Sweater: Target

Belt: Bombshell Vintage

Tights: Target

Boots: Frye (Imelda’s)

It’s always nice to be able to wear a cardigan and tights in the middle of summer. Since I ended up basically lounging around the house all day, I didn’t wear this outfit very long. I really like the idea of this dress but it’s already ripped twice and it could stand to be a little longer. I got it on sale, so I’m not too annoyed about it. It would look really good with a petticoat, I think.

Anyway, we were thinking of going out and watching some fireworks, but laziness prevailed. We did have barbecue though- Andy threw some hot dogs and corn on the grill, and we all scarfed them down with relish (and ketchup and mustard). Delicious.



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3 responses to “Independence Day

  1. Love this outfit. Yeah, you know those of us who aren’t tiny would look like snooty hookers in a dress this length.

  2. Silly. You two. I like this one!

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