Shirt: American Apparel

Skirt: Nordstrom

Sandals: Pink Studio

I wear this shirt a lot, I’ve also got a tank top and a v neck in this color. Sometimes I wear them to bed as well. Sooo comfortable.

We’ve been getting a few typical summer days lately, but otherwise it’s been overcast and dreary as usual. This was from Saturday, we went to Wilsonville and then to Woodburn to go the outlet mall. It was packed, of course. I didn’t buy anything, which is good. There were a couple of things in the Fossil store that were tempting, but I couldn’t rationalize spending any money on things that won’t complete my wardrobe. Still on the lookout for the perfect princess coat…

The next day it was cold enough to wear tights. WTF? I’m dreaming of Maui right now.



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4 responses to “Grey

  1. Shiny legs.

    Also, I likes.

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