Seven things was all she wrote

So my sister bestowed this lovely honor on me. Thank you, my sweet! I guess I’m supposed to tell seven things about me and then award this to fifteen bloggers I enjoy? The seven things? Sure. But as far as coming up with 15 other bloggers, erm. I’m a bit of a lurker, so that…will be difficult. So I’ll mention 7 random things about myself. Cool? Cool.

1. I have very narrow feet. I also wear size 7.5, which always seems to be the size that sells out first! Annoying.

2. I like to re-watch my favorite scenes of movies, usually in private. Probably because a good amount of the scenes involve kissing/passionate looks/pining and I don’t want Andy to laugh at me! I also do this with books that I love (re-read scenes obsessively).

3. For several years now I’ve  have these weird images that pop into my mind of swimming in a pool with a HUMONGOUS whale sleeping at the bottom. It CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT. Yeah, I like to scare myself. Have I mentioned this before?

4. I used to be obsessed with The Backstreet Boys in HS/college. This embarrasses me to no end. I’m not a music snob, by any means, (well, I wouldn’t say it out loud or anything) but their music is really horrible. Really.

5. I am searching for the perfect princess coat. Something that looks like this: and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

6. I’m kind of fixated on people’s teeth. The most important thing for me is that they’re well taken care of, crooked teeth aren’t really an issue. I just don’t understand how people can walk around with multicolored or cheesy teeth and expect you to engage in conversation with them. THE WORST has got to be when someone is sporting that ring of tartar just above his/her bright red gums? DISGUSTING.

7. That being said, I pretty much always think that I have smelly breath no matter how much I brush or floss.



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2 responses to “Seven things was all she wrote

  1. A) I will never be ashamed of my BSB love. Which is to say I will defend it. Because there is the slightest embarrassment WHICH I DO NOT ADMIT. But I don’t think their music is horrible. Though I haven’t heard any of it in several years and keep thinking of the opening to “I Want You Back” when I try to call it to mind. Hmm.

    B) You just freaked me out and grossed me out in the same list of seven. Props. (Whale + teeth = greaked. out.)

    • Jen

      A. Yeah, they’re soooo adult contemporary. But I still reminisce at times, and turn on “It’s gotta be you.” When I’m alone. In the house. With the lights out.
      B. How about cheesy whale teeth? A whale with gingivitis? Yeah? :p

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