Random post about hair products


Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom. This stuff is amazing. Usually when I go from curly to straight it takes a little while for my hair to not look like hay at the ends, it seemed like no matter how much oil I would put in, my hair would look completely dry and damaged ten seconds later. Sucked that moisture right up. I never really used any special products to straighten it with. I would just wash and deep condition and after air drying in large twists, straighten with my Chi flat iron. (In high school, when I first started straightening my hair myself, instead of going to get it done every 4-6 weeks or relying on my mom’s assistance, I would use my large barreled curling iron to get the job done. That…took a while. And there was a LOT of volume.)

People are usually surprised at how straight I can get my hair; everyone asks me where I get it done. I don’t feel like paying people to do a job I can do better on my own. The only thing I can’t do myself is trim it. But this stuff really makes my hair feel so light and soft. I love it.


DevaCurl Set It Free, One Condition and B’Leave In

I love this line. It really adds the much needed moisture my hair needs while not producing that crunchy effect like the majority of curly products. I’ve been using the Set It Free and B’Leave-in on Z lately and his curls have been looking really defined.

Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding:

I use this stuff mainly for fly aways in the front and for twists. It’s really not in my best interest to use a lot of this product as it creates crazy build-up, but a little goes a long way.



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2 responses to “Random post about hair products

  1. I get the “where do you do your hair” question a lot in Montreal. But that’s because the quality demand for Africans seems to be much lower. For real, for real. Anyway, I use a glossing polish before I flat iron now and it seals that ish IN. Serious. I wanna try that first product you mentioned though.

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