I need this in my life

I mean, COME ON. Come. On.

And while we’re talking about things that I want but can’t have:

These Hansel from Basel tights come in three colors and are on sale at Anthropologie. I had to return mine because I couldn’t pull them up past my hips. They’re made for stick figures, but they continue to haunt my dreams. I called the designer and she said that she was working on getting larger sizes out there so… *crosses fingers*. I’ll be waiting.



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5 responses to “I need this in my life

  1. Honey love, is that a fanny pack?

  2. Meg

    oh. so fanny packs are okay now?

  3. Meg

    oh, okay, a belt with a wallet, that different. I think I can be okay with that…especially this one, it’s so purty

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