Peter and Vandy > 500 Days of Summer

Apparently I am a fan of quirky indie love stories told out of order. I had forgotten that I wanted to see Peter and Vandy until I randomly saw it in Netflix’s Watch Instantly section. Watch Instantly? Don’t mind if I do!

I  (obviously) love 500 Days of Summer. I’ve mentioned the damn thing enough on this blog, haven’t I? Sure, it sometimes felt like it was trying too hard (downtown LA is NOT cool no matter what you say, everyone is super up to date on their hipster trivia, etc). I loved it anyway. But then I watched Peter and Vandy. And it’s so much better! You know how people say, “That’s the stuff!”? Well, that’s the stuff. Such good stuff! I mean, I got their relationship. I could see why they fell in love, why they continued to work out the kinks when things started to get messy. I could relate to the little mind games that they played, even the random (but not so random) blow-ups – when Peter called Vandy a fuckface for using two knives to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which btw, she calls a PB&J and it drives Peter insane)? Died. laughing. Because sometimes you just have to call your lover/spouse a fuckface, am I right? *looks around*

In 500 Days, I didn’t quite understand what was SO GREAT about Summer, why Tom would even be interested in her and why she would be interested in him. I mean, besides their common love for The Smiths (who DOESN’T LOVE THE SMITHS?!). You see his heartbreak coming from a mile away, and you just want it over already. Summer paves the way for Autumn, and the whole movie falls into place. And  we’re supposed to sigh and say, “Everything happens for a reason!” But with Peter and Vandy, there is no clean resolution. They love each other but it’s messy and there’s the possibility that the relationship could go downhill (again). But you root for them, you want them to make it. It went much deeper than: Hey look! It’s the guy who falls in love, not the girl! Isn’t that just WACKY?!

P.S. It also doesn’t hurt that Jason Ritter is completely adorable.



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5 responses to “Peter and Vandy > 500 Days of Summer

  1. Meg

    I’ll be the judge of that!
    Meaning = I want to see this now.

  2. So watch it already! Right now! We have the ability to watch movies at exactly the second we want them! Because we demanded it! ??

  3. PS No one ever call their spouse names in the middle of an argument.



  4. *wanders through, humming*

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